More About Me

Most people would describe me as someone who never stops doing. I have always had a lot of energy, so when I have a blank canvas and paintbrush in my hand, I slow to a standstill and become much more Zen! I can lose myself in the colours and paints for hours, and I love the whole process of painting.

My inspiration for what I paint can change all the time. I have always loved painting flowers, and trying to capture the beauty and perfection of each one has been my personal passion. But it does not take much for me to reach for my paintbrush when someone sends me a beautiful photograph, or the scenery around me begs to be painted in oils. Or I just want to create abstract splashes and blocks of colour that fill my canvas or soft fabrics in an entirely new way.


The world of art and creating it is a truly immersive experience, and I am very happy to share my own experiences with you.